Fiscal Year 2021-22 Impact

Palmer Home provides superior care for children while introducing the love of God through our service to each individual child. Palmer Home ensures restorative environments where children feel safe, connected, and supported. Your support provides a tangible impact in the lives of children and families who need it most.

Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center

The Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center opened on our Hernando campus in May 2022. The facility seeks to restore hope and healing via spaces which provide rest and restoration through play, family and individual counseling suites, and classrooms.

Yearly Impact

With the prayers and generous support of friends like you, Palmer Home served 250 children in 2021. Every story matters, and though we are grateful for the growth of our impact and the expansion of services, we remain mission driven to serve even more in the coming year.

250 Children Served
26 Reunifications
545 Therapy Hours
320+ Volunteer Hours

Yearly Impact

Thank you for helping to create these powerful moments – from the extraordinary to the everyday. They bring peace, hope, and healing to the children in our care.

15 Incarcerated Mothers Served
10 College Students Served
8 Student Graduations
3 Young Adults in the U.S. Military

Services We Provide

Campus Care

Our residential campus for children provides a Christ-centered family atmosphere where children feel safe, connected to trustworthy adults, and supported as they grow and develop in our care. Each child is placed with a caregiver couple in one of our six on-campus homes.

Foster Care

Our foster care program allows children the opportunity to experience the support and connection of a family while in the care of Palmer Home. We provide private foster care through Palmer Home certified families.

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Family Care

Our family care ministry provides nurturing care for the infants of mothers in prison. Additionally, we provide support to mothers in prison and after release. With reunification as the ultimate goal, our certified foster families work to cultivate the bond between the mother and child in their care.

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Transitional Care

Our transitional program provides continued guidance and coaching for children between the ages of 18 – 24. Our goal is to prepare each child for independence through career and vocational development, as well as other life-skills to succeed as young adults.

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Hope & Healing

"I stand in awe and wonder in how abundantly the Lord provides. I am so thankful I was able to spend the summer immersed in a community that not only loves well but serves the Lord wholeheartedly." - Becca, 20

Kesha's Story

When 17-year-old Kesha received her medical assessment, the doctors determined that she had Type I diabetes. This was affecting every part of her life – her behavior, her emotional development, her grades and more but had been undiagnosed until this point.

Your Impact

Upon receiving children into our care, Palmer Home conducts a series of assessments to ensure we have outlined goals and services that meet their needs in each area of life. After receiving the medical care she severely needed, Kesha’s behavior improved dramatically, her spirit shined and her grades soared. She continues to focus on her health and recently began taking yoga classes.

Medical Care for Type 1 Diabetes
Diabetes Prescriptions & Supplies
Dental Care
Health & Wellness Classes

Restoration & Resilience

"My houseparents stuck with me. They gave me the time and space to determine my own path." - Casey, 19

Matthew's Story

Matthew was 8 years old when he came to Palmer Home. His family had fallen on difficult times and they were evicted from their apartment months prior, so he spent many nights on friends’ couches, in motels or in the back of his mom’s car. He was uncertain of where he would lay his head, and what, if anything he would eat that day.

Your Impact

His houseparents at Palmer Home discovered that Matthew would take food from the kitchen and save it in his room, a telltale sign of food trauma. They worked to reassure Matthew that food would always be available and included him in the weekly menu planning, shopping, and preparation of meals to ease his fear of going hungry. This paved the way for Matthew to begin healing from his past trauma, and he is now a healthy, active teenager who loves to grill, play sports, and go fishing. Healing can only occur once children feel safe and accepted. By meeting each child at their stage in life, we provide healing and support, allowing children to grow and thrive.

Shelter from Homelessness
Nutrition Counseling
Sports Equipment
Florida Deep Sea Fishing Excursion

Yearly Impact

“Palmer Home served 250 children this year! Your support makes our mission possible.” - Drake Bassett, President & CEO

Chris's Story

Many children in foster care face obstacles to academic success for a number of reasons – changing schools often, not having access to resources for learning disabilities, or difficulty focusing. Despite these obstacles, 18-year-old Chris valued his education and was determined to graduate high school early when he came to Palmer Home. Through the generous support of donors like you, he was able to receive the resources he needed to succeed.

Your Impact

With hard work and initiative, he was able to graduate high school early with straight As and made the Honor Roll while maintaining a part-time job to save for his first car. Chris is now a student at a nearby community college, where he thrives academically while continuing to have access to a community of caregivers and vital resources. Teens like Chris are guided towards independence while still receiving care that supports mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

Stable Learning Environment
Education Specialist Counseling
Private Tutoring
Ongoing Academic Support

Engaging the Whole Child

"By understanding the past - the Whole Story - we can help build a bright future.” - Lauren Strickland, Director, Whole Child Initiative