Fiscal Year 2022 Impact

Palmer Home provides superior care for children while introducing the love of God through our service to each individual child.

Palmer Home ensures restorative environments where children feel safe, connected, and supported. Your support provides a tangible impact in the lives of children and families who need it most.

A Note from Drake

2022 was a record-breaking year for Palmer Home. Overall, we served more than 330 children, from newborns to young adults across our four service lines.

I thank you for your continued support of our mission to care for and share the love of Christ to children and families in need.

Our Mission

Palmer Home provides superior care for children while introducing a love of God through our service to each individual child. Palmer Home ensures restorative environments where children feel safe, connected, and supported.

Services We Provide

Campus Care

Our residential campus for children provides a Christ-centered family atmosphere where children feel safe, connected to trustworthy adults, and supported as they grow and develop in our care. Each child is placed with a caregiver couple in one of our six on-campus homes.

Foster Care

Our foster care program allows children the opportunity to experience the support and connection of a family while in the care of Palmer Home. We provide private foster care through Palmer Home certified families.

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Family Care

Our family care ministry provides nurturing care for the infants of mothers in prison. Additionally, we provide support to mothers in prison and after release. With reunification as the ultimate goal, our certified foster families work to cultivate the bond between the mother and child in their care.

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Transitional Care

Our transitional program provides continued guidance and coaching for children between the ages of 18 – 24. Our goal is to prepare each child for independence through career and vocational development, as well as other life-skills to succeed as young adults.

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Engaging the Whole Child

Children with a history of trauma have unique physical, emotional, social,
educational, and spiritual needs that must be addressed before they can
heal, grow, and thrive.

Reaching New Heights

"I learned so much during the week, and it was so much fun!"

"I really liked the career fair. Meeting the Mayor of Hernando was cool! He told me all about how he became mayor and what his job is like."

Discovery Camp

In 2022, we hosted our first ever Discovery Camp at Palmer Home in the new wellness center. Inspired by collegiate leadership camps, Discovery Camp was a five-day event specially designed for the children at Palmer Home to hear from inspirational speakers, meet with business professionals, learn about new career paths, and sharpen important life skills such as team building and business etiquette.

Staying the Course

"Palmer Home has impacted by life by steering me in the right direction and helping me stay the course." - Stephen, Transitional Care

Yearly Impact

With the prayers and generous support of friends like you, Palmer Home served 330 children in 2022. Every story matters, and though we are grateful for the growth of our impact and the expansion of services, we remain mission driven to serve even more in the coming year.

4 Baptisms
14 Reunifications
525 Tutoring Hours
3 Graduations

Yearly Impact

Thank you for helping to create these powerful moments – from the extraordinary to the everyday. They bring peace, hope, and healing to the children in our care.

54 Mothers Served
11 Babies Born
19 Sibling Groups
5 Adoptions

Johnna's Story

"God took my mess and made it into a miracle. I tell everyone that when they support Palmer Home, they're helping change lives like mine."

Johnna's Story

Johnna Speaks at CAFO Summit

A mom served through our Family Care Ministry was invited to speak at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit and share her experience with Palmer Home.

Johnna shared her testimony and the story of her pregnancy with her baby Journey Faith while incarcerated, and how Palmer Home Family Care served her before, during, and after her sentence.

Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center

The Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center opened on our Hernando campus in May 2022. The facility seeks to restore hope and healing via spaces which provide rest and restoration through play, family and individual counseling suites, and classrooms.

Karen Carlisle Celebrates 20 Years of Service

"Karen has faithfully served on Palmer Home's board for 20 years, and we are thrilled that she is now serving in an even greater capacity as our Board Chair." - Drake Bassett, President & CEO

Magnificent Growth

"Palmer Home's 127-year history has seen many changes, but in the last five years, we have made tremendous strides towards caring for more children through our four dedicated service lines. Opening the Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center, which serves as the heart of our mission, was a huge accomplishment that has been in the works since I joined the board. The state-of-the-art facility gives us the ability to expand our mission to children and families across the Mid-South." - Karen Carlisle, Board Chair

Yearly Impact

“Palmer Home served 330 children this year! Your support makes our mission possible.” - Drake Bassett, President & CEO

Developing Young Leaders

The Palmer Home cattle program, part of our campus work program, is about so much more than raising livestock. Many of the children in our care have never had a pet before, much less several cows! The cattle program gives a child the opportunity to develop important life skills while earning money for their hard work.

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