Palmer Home Family Care

Palmer Home Family Care provides nurturing care to infants of incarcerated mothers with the goal of reunification. Informed by the Whole Child Initiative, caregivers support mothers during their time in prison and after their release. Through their partnership with Family Care, birth mothers experience growth both as parents and as individuals.

Why Choose Palmer Home?

Palmer Home Family Care offers the opportunity for mothers in prison to ensure their child is cared for with the goal of family restoration once their sentence is complete. As they build confidence, mothers are further equipped to successfully care for their child as they grow.

Founded on God's love

In homes with Christ at the center, Palmer Home foster families show the love of God through their care and support of both the child and mother.

goal of reunification

Palmer Home recognizes the significance of the child’s biological mother and works to restore that key relationship.

ongoing support

Through consistent communication and connection, family caregivers promote the birth mother’s involvement in her child’s life during her time in prison.

12 Children Reunified

In 2020, Palmer Home saw 12 children reunified with their mothers after time with a family caregiver.

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How You Can Help

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