Palmer Home Transitional Care

Palmer Home helps young men and women ages 18–24 as they enter adulthood and pursue their next steps. Recognizing this critical time of life, Palmer Home’s transitional care guides young adults as they begin healthy, independent lives.

Why Palmer Home Provides Support Into Adulthood

At Palmer Home, we are committed to our children for a lifetime. We recognize that young adults need guidance and coaching to build life skills as they work toward independence, successful adulthood, and responsible citizenship.

Founded on God's love

Palmer Home transitional care communicates the love of God as young adults discover who they were created to be.

built-in support network

Young adults benefit from continuous relationships, advocacy and access to resources they need.

skill development

Through intentional mentorship, young adults develop the interpersonal skills, accountability and responsibility adulthood requires.

6+ Students in College

In 2022, Palmer Home guided more than half a dozen students into their college years and independent adulthood.

Aryanne's Story

Aryanne came to Palmer Home at age 13 with her guard up—angry and scared. Over time, as her houseparents listened and gently guided her through middle and high school, she began to trust and grow.

Aryanne recently graduated high school and is looking forward to the opportunities ahead of her. Read more here about Aryanne’s goals for the future!

How You Can Help

Interested in supporting Palmer Home’s transitional care program? We are grateful for the time, energy and resources you are able to offer. Click below to get more information.

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