Fundraising Guideines

From dinner parties to golf tournaments, there are many ways you can help support our mission of providing superior care for children in need. Our fundraising guidelines have been created to ensure that third-party events adhere to protocols and comply with state and federal fundraising rules and regulations.

Event Promotion

In sponsoring a Palmer Home for Children fundraising event or campaign, the organizer agrees to handle the majority of details of the activity including related costs, recruiting volunteers, creating marketing materials, and providing oversight of the event.

We value your willingness to coordinate with Palmer Home, and our goal is to equip you with what you need in order to be successful.

Event Policies & Guidelines

The third-party responsible for the event intended to benefit Palmer Home for Children must agree to indemnify and hold Palmer Home for Children blameless for any and all risk and claims that may arise as a result of the event. Palmer Home for Children is not responsible for any liabilities, liability insurance, losses, debts, or expenses arising from the event or event promotions. Note: Palmer Home for Children cannot serve as the fiscal agent for third-party fundraising events or activities.


Third-party fundraising event or activity sponsors and their volunteers must comply with all federal, state, and county laws and regulations. Including, but not limited to: registering with the appropriate agencies, purchasing insurance, following IRS rules of disclosure, and obtaining required licenses or permits.

Donor Privacy

Palmer Home for Children assures the privacy of those we serve – children,
individuals, families; therefore, no current or former associate of Palmer Home for
Children may be contacted or exploited in connection with the fundraising event
or activity. We do not share personal or private information of any donors, partners, or volunteers. This is to protect our donors, who entrust us with their private information.

Involvement & Support

If you would like, you can request a staff member to attend your event by contacting our Development Team at We are available to answer questions on the development of event materials, timelines, and other planning issues or concerns, but our team is not staffed to provide in-depth event support. Please contact with questions.

Scope of Involvement

Special circumstances can change the scope of our involvement in an activity – determined by what is in the best interest of our organization and the children we serve.

Approval Process

All third-party fundraising requires permission from Palmer Home in advance.

Please refrain from making any public announcements or promoting the event until you receive approval of your proposal. Please allow 10 business days for Palmer Home to review and respond to your proposal.

Auctions & Raffles

Auctions and raffles for charitable organizations are governed by strict state, federal, and IRS guidelines related to solicitations, disclosures and taxable winnings. Palmer Home requires the Event Organizers to research state guidelines prior to approval of the event. Event Organizer is responsible to abide by all laws and restrictions.

Please note: the fair market value of all items must be disclosed on all bid sheets and/or event programs.

Financial Requirements & Information

Palmer Home for Children is committed to being an excellent steward of funds generated through its various fundraising initiatives. The tax-exempt and/or non-profit status of Palmer Home for Children may not be used for an event. Please note, all of our tax-deductible receipts are sent at the end of the calendar year.

Proceed Distribution

Both parties will agree upon a predetermined amount of the gross proceeds of the event that will be donated to Palmer Home for Children. The anticipated amount or the percentage of monies raised that will benefit Palmer Home must be clearly stated in all pre- and post-fundraising advertising or announcements so donors can know what amount of their donations will directly benefit Palmer Home for Children’s mission.

Payment Policy

Donors to third-party fundraising events who request a receipt for their donation must make checks payable to Palmer Home for Children and make a contribution online through our donation portal at Donors must provide an email or standard mailing address. A receipt will be emailed.

Cash Donations

Cash donations collected at the third-party fundraising event or activity must be delivered to Palmer Home for Children’s corporate office with a list of the donors, the amount given, their email, or standard mailing address. Unspecified cash donations will be collected as an anonymous gift.

Fundraising Initiatives

Thank you for your interest in making Palmer Home for Children a beneficiary of your fundraising and community support activities.

Background & History

Palmer Home for Children is a privately-funded, nonprofit organization that has provided superior care to vulnerable children for 125 years.

Palmer Home provides campus care, foster care, family care, and transitional care to meet the specific needs of each child and family.


Unlike most children's homes, Palmer Home for Children is a privately funded, faith-based organization.

Last year, Palmer Home served hundreds of children between our campuses and our network of foster families and referral services.

Palmer Home strives to keep sibling groups together.

Palmer Home established the Whole Child Initiative in 2016. This approach to care provides a holistic, trauma sensitive and relationally-centered approach to caregiving that helps vulnerable children heal and thrive at home, school, and in the community.

Palmer Home has two thrift stores, located in Columbus and Starkville, MS. 100% of the proceeds made at these stores goes towards meeting the needs of the children within our care

Caring for the Whole Child

Whole Child Initiative was developed in 2016 to ensure that every child served by Palmer Home receives superior care in restorative environments. Specifically designed for children who have experienced early life adversity, The Whole Child Initiative offers caregivers an approach to caring that emphasizes holistic, trauma sensitive and relationally centered knowledge, and skills to better equip them as they meet the unique physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of the children we serve.

Provide Care

There are many ways to support our ministry through providing care for the children at Palmer Home. Tutoring, respite care, and sponsoring a caregiver night out are some of the ways that you can get plugged in to Palmer Home.

Provide Comfort

One of our biggest needs are meals. Providing a frozen meal for use on an extra busy night in the future or pre-paying for a meal locally is always welcome! Additionally, you can sponsor a family fun night, provide a new child welcome kit, or help send a child to college by helping purchase dorm necessities.

Provide Community

From our grounds and home improvement needs to child mentorship, there's a way for everyone to volunteer in our community. You can provide meals, games, activities, or unique experiences for the children in our care. If you know of children who want to play a role as well, they can donate school supplies and household items or get involved with fulfilling prayer requests. You can even turn your birthday into a fundraiser or organize a 5K to benefit Palmer Home.