Palmer Home's 2023 Discovery Camp

Monday, June 19 – Friday, June 23


We invite you to become a Discovery Camp 2023 partner, keynote speaker, or guest to help impact the lives of children and teens in need of hope and healing.

Your help is their hope.

Your experience and expertise can help children and teens in our care discover new worlds and learn more about exciting opportunities that await in their future. We invite you to join us and share more about your industry, career, or college.

Become a hero to a child in need.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a Discovery Camp partner, keynote speaker, or guest.

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Ways to Get Involved

Guests and sponsors have an opportunity to serve as speakers, teachers, and more.

Keynote Speakers

Serve as a keynote speaker to motivate and encourage children and young adults in need of support.

Host a Life Skills Class

Host a life skills training class, such as resume creation, interview skills, professional etiquette, and more.

Join the Camp Career Fair

Join the Career Fair and share your chosen profession with a teen or young adult in need of career inspiration.

Host a Tour of Your Facility

Host a tour of your company’s facility to share more about a unique industry or business model.

Exploring Arts & Athletics

How does your business support the arts, athletics, or STEM opportunities for teens and young adults?

More Ways to Support Discovery Camp

Palmer Home’s Discovery Camp relies on the support of organizations and professionals like you. In addition to sharing more about your industry and organization, you can support Discovery Camp through designated financial donations to cover meals and other necessary supplies.

Discovery Camp 2023

  • Daily Schedule

  • Monday

    Orientation Day

    • 2023 Discovery Camp Kickoff Breakfast Featuring Local Partner
    • Keynote Speakers
    • Team-Building Activities
    • Life Skills Training Classes

  • Tuesday

    Business and Industry Day

    • On-Site Tours of Partner Facilities, Warehouses, and/or Office Spaces

  • Wednesday

    Career & College Day

    • Career Fair Featuring Professionals, Organizations, and Colleges
    • Meet & Greets with Community Professionals & Palmer Home Teens

  • Thursday

    Interest Day

    • Exploring the Arts (Visual & Performing)
    • Athletic Programs & Opportunities
    • STEM (Math & Science)

  • Friday

    Presentation Day

    Palmer Home children and teens will provide an outlook of what they found most interesting and exciting from Discovery Camp and will present their Life Plan Project Board. Sponsors from throughout the week are welcome to attend.