Palmer Home Foster Care

Palmer Home’s foster families provide a loving two-parent household to children in need. With the Whole Child Initiative in mind, we believe every child benefits from a safe, stable, nurturing family that provides supportive relationships and a sense of belonging.

Our foster families commit to partner with us while working toward reunification with each child’s birth family.

Nurturing Love and Connection

Opening your home to foster children provides the opportunity to nurture love and connection.

Why Choose Palmer Home?

Grounded in the Whole Child Initiative philosophy, foster families provide care in all areas of a child’s well-being
with the foundation of God’s love.

Founded on
God's love

In homes with Christ at the center, Palmer Home foster families show the love of God through their care and support.

belonging and comfort

Children experience belonging and comfort through everyday family activities like dinners together, bedtime stories and school events.


Foster families participate in permanency planning for the children in their care, ensuring the best possible outcome.

thorough qualification

Palmer Home’s training and qualification process involves detailed requirements intended to secure a safe, loving environment.

5 Adoptions in 2022

In 2022, Palmer Home facilitated 5 adoptions with children who could not be unified with their biological families.

Training and Support

Palmer Home foster parents must meet minimum requirements and be able to provide adequate resources to care for a child.

They also receive Whole Child Initiative training in alignment with Palmer Home’s proprietary approach. To apply, contact Palmer Home for more information.

Offer Rest and Build Relationships

Interested in supporting Palmer Home’s foster families? Get involved in respite care! You’ll be offering rest for our caregivers by providing brief care for children in their homes and building positive relationships along the way.

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