3 Ways Your Church Can Support Jonah’s Journey

October 12, 2016

In the last few years, Palmer Home for Children has expanded its ministry of caring for children through residential care to include foster care in the states of Mississippi and Tennessee.  Jonah’s Journey began as a ministry to provide temporary or long-term care for children born to incarcerated women.  However, today caregivers through Jonah’s journey provide a Christian foster home for any child in need, no matter their age or circumstance.

There are currently over 30 children in the care of loving foster families through Jonah’s Journey, but Palmer Home hopes to increase that number to 101 children in the coming year.  It’s an ambitious goal, but we believe vulnerable children are worth every effort we have.

The best news is you can help! And you don’t have to do it alone.  Here are 3 ways you and your church can help Jonah’s Journey.

  1. Share the need.
    A few months ago, Palmer Home hosted a pastor’s luncheon where we shared the story of Jonah’s Journey with ministers in the Golden Triangle area. Palmer Home President & CEO, Drake Bassett, challenged each church represented to identify three families in their church that might be good fits for Jonah’s Journey as caregivers.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to have the same audience with every pastor in the state, but the challenge is the same.Are there three families in your church that might be interested in learning more about opportunities available through Jonah’s Journey? Your church is a key resource in sharing the immediate need for more families who are willing to go the extra mile to provide a home for a vulnerable child.

  2. Serve foster families.
    When a family in your church becomes a Jonah’s Journey caregiver, their life is certain to change.  They’ll need the support of individuals around them, and the church is the perfect place to find the help they need.  Perhaps a Sunday school class could organize a carpool or meal train to assist with balancing out schedules with a new addition.  Youth groups could volunteer to babysit or parents can schedule a playdate.  Perhaps your small group could donate a gift card or gently used items that might be needed to prepare for a new child in their home. Basically, just be a good friend and resource to this family as they stand in the gap for a child in need.

  3. Support Jonah’s Journey.
    Jonah’s Journey is a Christian, non-profit ministry that accepts no form of government support. We depend solely on the generous financial support from donors.  Without these donations, we are unable to offer the quality training available through Whole Child Initiative, or compensate our incredible social workers and counselors.  Your church can join Jonah’s Journey in the ministry of caring for some of the neediest members of our society by hosting a fundraiser or recognizing and honoring Jonah’s Journey on Orphan Sunday.  We’d even love the opportunity to visit your church or Sunday school class and share more about our mission

Can you think of other ways your church can support Jonah’s Journey?  Share them with us on social media!  Follow Jonah’s Journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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