Your help is their hope.

May 30, 2023

Your help is their hope.

Want to know how your gifts are used by Palmer Home?

Earlier this year on a frigid Friday night, we received an urgent call. Six siblings, ranging in age from five to 16 years old, were found homeless. The only options for these siblings were the foster care system, where they’d most certainly be separated into several different foster homes across the state, or Palmer Home for Children.

Our team worked through the weekend so these siblings could come to our campus first thing Monday morning. The children had nothing except the clothes on their back, literally. Several were without shoes and a jacket.

A major ice storm hit our region later that same day. Thankfully, all six children were already safe and warm at Palmer Home by the time the temperatures dropped, and the ice started to form. Your gifts helped make this possible.

After their immediate physical needs were met, each child received the health and dental care they urgently needed. Our team also worked to identify each child’s educational needs, as school had not been attended regularly for years. Our team created an education plan for each child, and some of the siblings are receiving a specialized curriculum led by our Education Specialist on campus at the Palmer School.

Your gifts are the reason these siblings are still together, safe, on Palmer Home’s campus. Your gifts are clothing these children in clean garments and new, proper-fitting shoes. Your gifts are feeding these children warm, healthy meals and providing the critical medical care they need. Your gifts are supporting each child’s education so they can have bright futures full of opportunity.

Will you make a gift today to help Palmer Home say ‘yes’ to more children who need us? No gift is too small. Some gifts can buy groceries; others, clothing; others, healthcare. No matter the amount, each and every gift makes a positive impact in the life of a vulnerable child.

Palmer Home’s mission is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to children in need. Are you willing to join us?



Drake Bassett
President & CEO


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