Palmer Home for Children Prioritizes Keeping Siblings Together

April 22, 2023

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Palmer Home for Children: A Commitment to Family Preservation

Since 1895, Palmer Home has provided superior care for children in need of hope and healing. Family preservation and restoration is at the core of what we do.

Since our founding, Palmer Home’s focus on keeping siblings together has been one of our major differentiating factors. In honor of National Siblings Day, we wanted to share more about this important facet of our mission and how it impacts the lives of those we serve.

“When a child’s world has been turned upside down, being able to have their siblings by their side provides immeasurable security,” says Drake Bassett, President and CEO of Palmer Home. “At Palmer Home, we not only work hard to keep siblings together, but also strive to maintain a child’s bond with their entire biological family when it’s safe and healthy to do so.”

How many siblings does Palmer Home serve?

There are currently 17 sets of siblings in Palmer Home’s care. Recently, our team responded to a crisis situation for a family of eight siblings. Within hours of being referred to our care over a holiday weekend, our team was able to respond and give these siblings a safe home – together – on our campus.

“We are thankful that Palmer Home is able to operate in a way that helps preserve biological bonds,” says Bassett. “We appreciate our supporters who help make this life-changing work possible. As a privately funded organization, Palmer Home relies entirely on the generosity of others to carry this mission forward.”


About Palmer Home for Children

Palmer Home serves children ages newborn to 24 years old across four care settings:

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