Join Our Team for a Rewarding Career at Palmer Home

September 6, 2023

Join Our Team for a Rewarding Career at Palmer Home

If you’re looking for a rewarding career that gives back to children in need, consider applying for one of Palmer Home’s open positions. It takes a variety of backgrounds and roles to make our mission run, from case managers who work directly with children and families to marketing managers who raise vital awareness for our mission.

We think Palmer Home is a great place to work, but don’t just take our word for it – hear directly from current employees below. From our direct care staff to those in support roles, every employee is a critical part of the life-changing mission at Palmer Home.


“I love my job at Palmer Home for Children for many reasons, but at the top of the list is the value we place on faith and family! I have served at Palmer Home for Children in multiple roles over the past couple of years, and truly don’t see myself ever working anywhere else. Our mission to provide hope for vulnerable children can only be followed through when the employees also feel valued, respected and are given hope themselves, and these things are extended first to the employees which then flows on to the children we are so blessed to serve. If Palmer Home will keep me around for 30 more years, then I will retire a happy, fulfilled woman.”  – Jessie H., Compliance & Support Services


“We are often asked why we do what we do, and that’s the easiest question to answer. It’s the moment a kid who normally struggles in school aces that test they were so sure they would fail. The smile on the face of a kid when they walk across the stage at graduation and receive their diploma. It’s watching them love on your biological children like they’re their sibling. it’s the simple things that make me love what I do everyday!  We do what we do for these kids, because although they aren’t ours, we love them as our own.” – Taylor G., Houseparent


“I am so grateful to say that I witness Jesus on a regular basis while at work. Whether it’s seeing a house parent’s relationship with a child, a service work group planting a flower bed, or a donor willing to invest in our mission, I witness the fruits of the spirit regularly at Palmer Home. Since I started, the old Proverb “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another” has really been on my heart. The Palmer Home team makes me want to serve more and love greater. I’m honored to give all that I can during my season with Palmer Home. The seeds we sow in the lives of the children in our care we may never see come to fruition, but I trust God will use our time together for His glory.” – Anna B., Community Outreach


It truly has been a blessing to work alongside people who are fiercely talented and passionate about doing good for God’s kingdom and children in need. I’m grateful that my work at Palmer Home is not just a career, but a calling.” – Jessica C., Development


“It’s the joy and laughter that surrounds our dinner table every night. The joking and fun we have when we are just standing around in the kitchen having a late night snack. It’s the smile on a kid’s face when they make a basket in a game and they have a huge cheering section screaming for them with genuine pride. It’s the serious talks the kids have with us when they are talking about their future or asking us life questions. It’s the respect that a typically difficult kid gives you even after a tough conversation. It’s the way you see them genuinely love and care for your bio kids. It’s their eagerness to help every when you don’t ask! It’s their genuine appreciation for even the most mundane things we do for them!” – Chelsey G., Houseparent


What I love about Palmer Home – My Co-Workers! From Wellness Center Staff to Houseparents and Campus Care Team to Facility and Operations team and all others that work remotely – They make working at Palmer Home fun and totally enjoyable. They are the cream of the crop. They work very hard to make this campus a home for our children. I am proud to work beside each one of them.” – Carole H., Children’s Programs


“I love my job because I get to give people tools and support to help empower them to do their best in their roles. I am passionate about our mission and am thankful the Lord has placed me here for this season to help make a difference.” – Melissa M., Human Resources


If you’re looking for a new role, or just want to browse available opportunities, visit We offer remote work opportunities, competitive benefits, paid time off, 401(k) match, career development, a mission-minded team culture, and so much more.

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