Thanks to You, Emma is Home for the Holidays This Christmas

December 6, 2023

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On Christmas morning, four-year-old Emma will wake up in her own bed, in her own room, in her forever home. She’ll open presents and celebrate Christmas with her family, just as every child should, because you supported Palmer Home. This holiday season, will you help us give the gift of home to more children like Emma?

Emma came to Palmer Home last fall as a toddler after her first adoption failed. Through no fault of her own, this precious little girl who loved princess movies and dressing up suddenly needed a home, and your gifts to Palmer Home provided one for her.

At Palmer Home, our goal for every child who enters our care is to be part of a permanent, safe, loving family unit. For some children, that means creating a reunification plan with their biological family when it’s a safe and healthy option. For others, it means identifying a foster or adoptive family who will welcome the child as their own.

For Emma, reunification with her biological family was, unfortunately, not an option. So, while Emma lived in a loving, stable home on the Palmer Home campus, our dedicated child services team worked to create a permanency plan for her that included partnering with an adoption agency to help find the right adoptive family. After several months, the agency identified a family for Emma, and our staff thoroughly vetted the match. This past spring, Emma became the daughter of devoted parents, and our staff continues to maintain check-ins with both her and her new family, just as we do for every child who’s been adopted from our care. All is going beautifully, and both Emma and her new parents are thankful they’ve found each other.

When you support Palmer Home, you’re giving so much more than just a financial gift. You’re giving hope, a home and family to children like Emma. You’re showing the love of Christ to a child who may have no one else to turn to, reassuring them that they’re a treasured child of God. You’re bringing the gospel into a child’s heart in a very real and very powerful way.

This Christmas, please consider supporting Palmer Home and all the children and families who depend on us to come alongside them during difficult times. There are so many children, like Emma, in need of hope. Are you willing to give them this priceless gift?

In Him,



Drake Bassett
President & CEO, Palmer Home for Children

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