Dear Facebook Friend

January 20, 2017

As Palmer Home’s resident social media guru, I spend a lot of my time interacting with our network of supporters through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even this blog. It’s my dream job in a lot of ways, because I constantly get to share with you the beautiful things that happen at Palmer Home and our partner ministries.  One day I might tell the story of a family who has taken in a sweet baby through Jonah’s Journey.  The next, I’m showing off a picture of the incredible progress our students at Palmer School are making.  Another time I can offer amazing resources and encouragement to parents of children from hard places through Whole Child Initiative.

This week, I was privileged to see Palmer Home’s Facebook page receive it’s 10,000th “like.”

That’s ten thousand men and women, teens to senior adults, from forty-five different countries, who have said, “I want to hear about and support the work of Palmer Home for Children.” Ten thousand individuals who believe in the transforming power in the love of Christ and the love of a family.

While a Facebook “like” may seem like a small thing, every like, every share, every comment encourages us.  And for many, those interactions in the digital world soon become real, live face-to-face meetings with our children and staff.  For me, a Facebook “like” became a career I love.  For others, a Facebook like became a call to house parenting or foster parenting.  For so many of you, your “like” represents a financial contribution to ensure that the work of Palmer Home can continue.  And for others, it represents a driving passion for the lives of vulnerable children to be made whole again.

When ten thousand of those “likes” come together, well… incredible things happen. Our message reaches new places, our mission grows, and ultimately, more children find that hope really does grow at Palmer Home for Children.

Thank you, Facebook friends.  While I haven’t spoken with every one of you, I recognize so many of your names and faces as partners in this mission of Rescue and Restoration that we get to embrace together.  When you engage with Palmer Home for Children on social media, on our website, or on our campuses, you help bring healing to the broken hearted; you help provide compassionate teachers for a teen still learning to read; and you introduce the love of Christ and the warm embrace of a family to children in need.

So invite your friends and family to join our family by following us on Facebook (or Instagram or Twitter) and if you’ve never transformed that “like” into something more, schedule a campus tour, volunteer with us, or make a donation today.  Thank you for the part you play in Making Lives Whole.

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