The Heart of Easter

April 1, 2023

I’ve seen heaven.

No, I haven’t had one of those out-of-body experiences, seen visions, or died only to return to write a book about the afterlife experience. After 10 years of infertility, IVF, and 2 failed Russian adoptions, my wife and I were broken, exhausted, and confused. Reluctantly, in the spring of 2013 – Leanne and I agreed to be placed on a domestic adoption list at New Beginnings Child Adoption services in Tupelo.

On June 18, 2013, a beautiful little boy was born to a brave birthmother. We walked into her room shortly after his birth only to have her hand us her newborn son. Even though we had him, gave him a name, brought him home, and cared for him, he still wasn’t officially my child.

Once the judge made the declaration and signed the legal documents. In that moment, everything changed; everything changed. The first and most fundamental thing that changed was the fact that this child, who at that point, belonged to a government, now belonged to us. His whole status was changed in that one judge’s declaration.

My goal in this Easter devotion is for you to see that God, with His infinite love, desires to adopt you through the sacrifice of Jesus. When that happens, everything changes.

God changes our status from slave to son. 

In the very beginning of Galatians 4, we are described as slaves to the law. Now here’s essentially what that means: To be a slave to the law means that every single one of us has a moral awareness. We know right from wrong. We know the difference between the two. We know there’s right, and we know there’s wrong, and all of us reading this have done wrong. We have broken the law. That’s what the Bible calls “sin.” We’ve all sinned, we’ve all done things our way instead of God’s way. We’ve all said, “You know, I know what’s better for me in this situation. I am in control here; I am in control of my life.”

I believe it puts in front of us the most important question we will ever face in life, more important than any other question. The question is simple: “How can I, a sinner, be made right with God, who is holy?”

This Easter be reminded the God of the universe has stood up and said, “I will not abandon you to your sin.” Jesus stands up on your behalf and sacrifices everything necessary, even His life so that you can be a part of the Father’s family. This is why I say adoption is the heart of the Easter story.

It’s at this point that we tend to let the Easter story stop, where the death and resurrection of Christ makes us right before God. This though, is where adoption helps us see this truth, because this is where the Easter story begins.

God changes our family from separated to son.

You do realize that when you place your faith in Christ, and you receive His forgiveness of your sins, that is not where the love of God stops? It is where it starts! You now enter a journey, where, for all of eternity the God of the universe, in His infinite measure of love, is pouring it out on you day after day after day. He never stops loving you. He never stops pursuing His children with love. How does He receive love from His children? By pouring it out on us, and we reciprocate that. That’s the picture in Scripture.

At Easter, we’re reminded that God says, “I pursue you, and I bring you in.” In the darkest of situations, that’s where His love shines most clearly.

God changes our future from doomed to destined.

Easter reminds us that for those adopted into God’s family through Jesus, this life is the worst it’ll ever get.

Galatians 4:7 shows to us that not only do we have an inheritance, but God has prepared us an eternal home, where there will be no more cancer, and no more sickness, and no more death, and no more separation, and no more divorce, and no more crying, and no more pain, and no more hurt because it will all be gone because the Father will enjoy His time with His children for all of eternity! That is what we wait for. That’s what we long for.



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About the Author

Whit Lewis is a pastor and currently serves as the Director of Development for Palmer Home for Children for North Mississippi. A husband and father of 3, Whit is passionate about the gospel, family, and Mississippi State football.

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