Supporter Spotlight: Kerri Sowell Uses Nursing Skills for Jonah’s Journey

July 24, 2018

kerri sowell

Kerri Sowell remembers fondly when Jonah’s Journey was in its beginning stages. As a trusted nurse, she was called to help Jonah when he had a cough.

After that moment, Kerri began fielding more phone calls with questions from caregivers and birthmothers. When Jonah’s Journey officially launched in 2008, Kerri fondly remembers sitting in a small room of passionate people, as part of the initial board of directors.

Today, Kerri holds classes every other month where she teaches Jonah’s Journey caregivers first aid and CPR.

“Jonah’s Journey is such an amazing ministry,” Kerri said. “It touches so many people. The child. The mother. The caregivers. And beyond that, it touches extended families, churches and schools.”

Kerri began her nursing career 36 years ago and has since worked in hospitals, clinics, and schools. She’s currently a charge nurse with Sumter County Schools.

“It’s truly where I was called to be early in my life,” said Kerri. “The life of a nurse is to always be learning, loving, and teaching.”

Jonah’s Journey continues to capture Kerri’s heart whenever she thinks about all the people involved.

“Christ calls us to care for orphans and widows – these children need God’s love,” she said. “We can fill this need because it’s the easiest one to fill, it’s just love.”

The need for caregivers is ongoing for Jonah’s Journey, but just like Kerri, people who are not called to caregiving can join the ministry and mission. Ideas include gathering supplies for caregivers, training as a relief caregiver, or providing support for birthmothers released from prison. Contact us for more information on making their journey yours.

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