Summer Missions that Leave a Lasting Impact

March 30, 2017

As the days grow longer and warmer, summer vacation is already on the minds of many people. Across the United States, millions will include a summer mission trip in their plans. Youth groups, Sunday School classes, college ministries, and mission teams will pack their bags and travel to another city, state, or even country to serve in some way.

Each year, Palmer Home for Children opens our doors to groups like these who are looking for a way to make a lasting impact. While Mission Teams are welcomed throughout the year, summer is without a doubt our busiest season. On any given day during the months of May-August, our campuses are littered with volunteers in brightly colored t-shirts, ready and willing to do whatever they can to help.

Depending on our need and their skills, teams participate in a variety of projects, ranging from landscaping, gardening and minor construction, to painting, home repairs, helping with events, and of course, spending quality time with our residents!

The impact these teams make cannot be understated. First, teams often are able to complete projects that the ministry would otherwise have to hire out. A summer missions group, under the supervision of our amazing grounds staff, can complete a landscaping job in one day that would have taken our team weeks to do alone. When volunteers are able to help in such big ways, it frees our resources to invest in the lives of our children.

Another incredible aspect of Mission Teams is the passion that quickly develops in the hearts of those who visit campus. Once someone has seen firsthand the joy and purpose that exude from every corner of Palmer Home, they quickly become a life-long advocate for our cause. Many of our teams return year after year, and cite their week at Palmer Home as the best week of the summer—one team has been visiting for 12 years now!

Repeat visitors also have the joy of forming relationships not only with our children, but with staff. They can all tell you how much Mrs. Mary knows and loves her garden, how hard Regina works to keep the campus running like a well-oiled machine, and how Mr. Tom is always ready with a smile, an encouraging word, and a great story. Those that have the opportunity to serve on the Hernando campus have the same stories to share with the addition of a few fishing tales! No matter where they serve, all will tell you that Palmer Home is a place full of love and life, with passionate caregivers, amazing children, and a mission like no other.

This summer, we have a few specific needs and are still seeking teams to join us any week during the month of May, as well as the week of June 19-23. Most of these teams would be primarily helping with landscaping and grounds work, as well as some light construction projects. One major need is for a team that includes someone skilled in installing ceramic wall tile, for some updates to our cottages in Columbus.

If your group, or someone you know, would be the perfect Mission Team for Palmer Home, we’d love to hear from you! Contact to learn more about summer mission opportunities, and join us for an unforgettable experience. They need our help; we need yours!

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