The Story Behind the Numbers

November 4, 2016


There’s an old adage that says, “Numbers don’t lie.”  While this may be true, at Palmer Home we usually prefer to tell the stories behind the numbers.  Once in a while, however, the numbers tell a story all on their own and, in this case, they reveal a very specific need.

Over the past few years, Palmer Home has seen consistent growth. From 66 children in our care in 2013, we now care for over 100 children in residential and foster care. Our goal is to increase those numbers to 200 by the end of the fiscal year.  The more children we care for, the more children are able to begin their path to restoration.   In fact, this increase is one reason we’ve expanded beyond our original residential care model.

We currently have over 20 children in the care of a foster family in the state of Tennessee, through our partner ministry, Jonah’s Journey.  Because the foster care model has been such a success for the children involved, this past spring we expanded into Mississippi, where 10 children are in the care of a loving foster family.

Despite the positive growth, the need is still great!  On average, we receive over 20 requests per month from individuals seeking a safe place for a child in need.  Palmer Home isn’t a fit for all of those children, so we often aid in finding other organizations which can provide the support and care those children need.   However, in the first 6 months of 2016, we turned away 18 children because our cottages were operating at full capacity.  18 young people we told no – something we never want to do.  Add to that the 3-7 children on our waiting list at any given time, and you have too many young lives missing out on the life changing impact that Palmer Home provides for children.

Have you picked up on the story these numbers tell?  They tell a story of impact not fully realized.  Of too much need and too few answers.  But it’s a story that you can help direct. You can change the numbers.

We’ve begun construction on 3 new cottages which will serve as homes for a total of 24 children on our Hernando campus.  We’re currently certifying families who will serve as foster families for a child or siblings in need.  It’s great progress, but the numbers still don’t add up.  In order to reach our goal of 200 children rescued and restored, we need YOU.

Will you consider helping Palmer Home change the numbers to tell a greater story?  You can help in a number of ways.

  • Make a donation to help Palmer Home provide for more children in need.
  • Consider opening your home to a child in need and serving as a foster parent.
  • Share the message and the mission of Palmer Home with as many people as possible- the more the better.

We hear there’s power in numbers!

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