Henry’s Story

When Henry first arrived at Palmer Home for Children, he was eight years old and could barely speak. More alarming, his leg was as broken and disjointed as his speech.

His story is one of darkness, abuse and severe neglect. X-rays of his leg showed this wasn’t the first time it had been broken — and that it was always broken in the same place.

The caregivers at Palmer Home have seen a lot, but what the x-rays suggested made them sick to their stomachs.

No child deserves this story — to be on the receiving end of such violent aggression.

He was terrified of the bathtub. Whenever his caregivers attempted to give him a bath, he screamed and howled in terror. They couldn’t understand why, and he didn’t know how to tell them. He had significant communication deficits due to the lack of care and education. He had never learned how to tell his caregivers he was scared, or hurting, or sad.

At Palmer Home, we see a lot of transition towards healing – children transitioning from broken identities and moving towards better, brighter futures. Those kinds of stories are our goal.

Henry’s story isn’t one we like to tell at the dinner table. It’s a dark story full of details that make listeners cringe. It isn’t a story that offers hope and healing. Not yet. His story isn’t finished yet.

Stories like Henry’s are the reason we began Palmer Home. Children like him are the reason we come to work everyday. We love to share the beautiful stories with happy endings, but not every story is complete.

 The work of rescuing children is just getting started.

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