Four Cs of Responsive Correction

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The Four Cs of Responsive Correction

Use the Four C’s of Responsive Correction to remain calm and supportive for children in their most challenging moments.

What are the Four Cs?

The four Cs include:

  • Calm
  • Connect
  • Collaborate
  • Confirm


Dysregulated children cannot reason or respond appropriately. Stress prevents children from relating to others in helpful ways and it impairs their ability to think rationally. The very first goal in challenging moments is to help children feel safe and settled.


Relationships govern behavior. Prioritize the relationship by acknowledging and validating the child’s feelings and perspective. Children who feel seen and heard by trustworthy adults are much more likely to receive their support in challenging moments.


A calm, connected child is much more capable of accessing the thoughtful, logical and social parts of their brains. Use this time to coach them to reflect on their feelings and actions, to take perspective and consider consequences. Collaborate with them to problem-solve.


We convey acceptance or rejection through interactions with children following difficult moments. When we separate challenging behavior from the child’s identity, we affirm inherent dignity and help children see they are responsible, capable, and worthwhile.


About Whole Child

Our proprietary approach to care provides a trauma informed, holistic, and relationally centered foundation and guides all that we do. We seek to help vulnerable children overcome trauma and position them to thrive in home, school and community life. Whole Child Initiative operates through four core principles: whole story, whole child, whole team, whole caregiver.

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