One Mission | One Story

August 30, 2016

Everyone has a story.  At Palmer Home for Children, our story has many parts.  It spans more than 120 years of compassionate care for “the least of these” in response to the words of Christ recorded in Matthew 25.  “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Some parts tell of hurt turned to hope, some of abandonment turned to belonging, and others of doubt turned to inspiration.  But our story isn’t over!  In fact, parts of it are just beginning.  Our work in the realm of foster care through Jonah’s Journey is introducing new and exciting twists to traditional foster care.  Whole Child Initiative is sharing with others best practices in caring for vulnerable children.  And Palmer Home’s Hernando campus is expanding to add more depth and beauty to our goal of rescuing more!

In the coming months, we’re inviting you to be a part of our mission, and thus, our story, through a series of videos we’ve recorded to give you a little extra insight into the story of Palmer Home for Children.  You’ll get to meet a few of our main characters, and get a better idea of the setting in which our story takes place.

But that’s not all- we want to hear YOUR Palmer Home story.  We receive letters, emails and messages all the time sharing bits and pieces of how our friends have shared in a little part of the story of Palmer Home.  Maybe your great grandmother was a part of the group who first came together to form Palmer Home.  Or perhaps you were a part of a team who recently visited us on a short term mission trip.  Maybe Palmer Home’s story IS your story, and you were once a resident on our campuses.

Whatever your Palmer Home story may be, we want to hear it.  We want to celebrate with you the role that you have played in our 120-year long tale of rescue and restoration.  Visit to share your story with us, or be bold and write a blog, record your own video, or even shout it out on social media! And if you don’t have a Palmer Home story yet… what are you waiting for? Visit our volunteer page and learn more about ways you can become a part of our One Mission | One Story.


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