From New York to Columbus: Air Force Base Supports Palmer Home

April 22, 2016

Airman 1st Class Reynaldo Rodriguez moved from New York City to the Columbus Air Force Base almost three years ago. Last Christmas, he and four others in his honor guard organized a Base-wide event to collect donations and Christmas presents for the children of Palmer Home. Word spread quickly, and people from all over the Base gave generously.

The group asked each of the Palmer Home children to tell them one gift he or she would like to receive for Christmas.  “We collected toys and clothes for the kids. We also collected gift cards for the cottages, for things they need,” said Rodriguez.

This was Rodriguez’s first time coordinating a charitable event, and his efforts were well rewarded. When asked why he chose Palmer Home, he said he was simply looking for “a project to give back.” During his three years in Columbus, he saw Palmer Home’s commitment to rescuing and restoring children through compassion and love.

We want to thank Rodriguez and his team for organizing this event, as well as everyone at the Columbus Air Force Base who contributed. Palmer Home relies on the gifts of individuals and groups like this one who believe in our mission to extend compassion and do justice for those who cannot defend themselves. Without the help of generous people in our community and across the country, our service to these children would cease.

Palmer Home has needs, just like any other family. It just so happens that our needs, like our family here, are quite large!  If you would like to join our community of supporters that make our mission of healing and restoration possible, you can click here to donate, or check out our website to learn about other ways to serve alongside Palmer Home for Children.

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