Mississippi Business Grows Hope and Plants Trees on Palmer Home’s Campus

May 2, 2018

mission teams

Throughout the year, mission teams assist Palmer Home with maintenance and beautification work around both the Columbus and Hernando campuses.  Their dedication allows us to offer children who come to our campus a beautiful, safe space while focusing more of our resources on the children’s needs. Mission teams and Palmer Partners, like Chad Robertson, owner of Pro Turf, return year after year and are close to our hearts.

In March 2018, Robertson partnered with North American Coal to donate 10 trees to the Palmer Home campus in Columbus. They brought a variety of trees including cherry bark oak, live oak, swamp chestnut, and water oak.  Chad and his team, with help from children on the campus, planted all of the trees to bring shade and new life to the campus grounds.

Chad has volunteered for Palmer Home for over five years. In addition to planting trees, he played a role in hay donation for the horse stables and helped to line the Palmer Home garden. One of his main goals is to engage the younger generation in mission work at Palmer Home.  

“So many kids these days do not realize how fortunate they are until they participate in mission work,” says Chad. “Seeing God’s and Jesus’ love draws me to love others and give my resources out to those who are not as fortunate as me.”

Pro Turf, based out of Winona, MS, is owned by Chad and Bill Robertson. They specialize in erosion control and have over 21 years of experience and they serve Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana. Pro Turf’s partnership with North American Coal’s Ackerman Coalmine reclaims projects and serves several 501(c)3 Christian organizations.  

If your church, business or organization would like to schedule a mission project with Palmer Home, visit our volunteer page.

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