Meet the Team: Abby Gray, Palmer School Teacher

January 21, 2024

We sat down with Abby Gray, a Palmer School teacher, to learn more about her background in education, her passion for teaching, and what brought her to Palmer Home. Read below to learn more about Abby, Palmer School, and ways you can get involved to support the children and students we serve.

Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from, and where do you call home?

I am from Hernando and currently call Hernando home!

What drew you to the world of education?

I have always wanted to be a teacher. The idea of helping others achieve their own success while inspiring them to go even further has always been what I love most about teaching.

In college, my dreams for the future took a turn when I took a class in Psychology and fell in love with the subject. Learning about the mind and behaviors was fascinating. I ended up graduating with a degree in Psychology with big plans to become a therapist, but the Lord had other plans for me.

After a few years in the mental health field, the pandemic opened doors to allow me to obtain my alternate route certification in education so that I could begin teaching. I am so thankful for all I’ve learned with a psychology degree and for my background in mental health, as it has helped me view teaching and working with children from a unique perspective.

What brought you to Palmer Home? 

It was actually the psychology degree which led me to Palmer Home. In 2017, I reached out to the team looking for an internship. At the time, there was no internship program. When I presented the idea of a psychology internship program to the staff, Palmer Home took a chance on this young college kid hoping to make a difference.

I walked into the internship thinking how big of an impact I could make in a little girl’s life, and I walked away with it absolutely having changed my life. I learned in that moment that I could use my knowledge of behaviors and the mind to make the biggest impact as a teacher. And there a teacher was born!

I was working in the public school system when I found out that Palmer Home had a need for a homeschool teacher for the brand new Palmer School program. I knew God had been at work the whole time, molding me for this one opportunity. By his grace, I was given another shot to work for such an amazing organization and it has been such a blessing in my life since.

What is your favorite thing about your role at Palmer School?

By far my favorite thing, outside of my wonderful kiddos in my class, would be the creative freedom I have with teaching. The ability to incorporate God into each lesson and develop meaningful relationships with my students allows me to create lessons that transcend beyond an individual subject or textbook. Having the ability to take these kids out into the world and learn things beyond the text and watch the love of learning return to their hearts is the biggest gift a teacher could ask for.

Do you have a favorite quote or Bible verse?


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.” – Proverbs 3:5-6


What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

If you don’t first succeed, try and try again. Failure is not the opposite of success but is instead a part of success.

How can individuals support Palmer School and the children we serve?

First and foremost, prayer! We can always use good thoughts and prayer to help us along our journey. Also, if you have a talent you would like to share we would love to learn! Undercover artist? Secret top chef? Local knitting queen/king? Come share your talents! We are always willing and eager to acquire new skills! Donations are also very much appreciated to help pay for educational outings.

Get Involved at Palmer School

Volunteering at Palmer School is not just about teaching; it’s about building connections, fostering a love for learning, and contributing to the growth of a supportive educational community.

Palmer School welcomes individuals who are passionate about education to join as tutors or volunteers, making a positive impact on the lives of students. By becoming a tutor, you have the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, helping students develop essential skills and gain confidence in their academic journey. 

Whether you have a background in teaching or simply a desire to make a difference, Palmer School provides a fulfilling environment where your time and efforts can truly make a meaningful difference in shaping the future of eager minds. Join us in creating a nurturing learning space and be a part of the transformative journey at Palmer School.

To learn more about current tutoring and volunteer opportunities at Palmer School, please contact Palmer Home’s Director of Education and Training, Dr. Andre Crafford here.

Job Opportunities at Palmer Home

Are you looking for a rewarding career like Abby’s? Palmer Home is currently hiring for a number of opportunities. View open positions, apply online, or learn more about our company culture and values on our Careers page.

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