Holiday Wishes, from Our Family to Yours

December 13, 2021

The holidays bring a sense of nostalgia and peace, but it can also be a challenging season that brings feelings of loss and grief. This year especially, many of us will gather around a table with an empty seat where a loved one should be. Whether this person is not with us due to illness, military service, family tension, or death, their absence will color our holiday experience. Similarly, for many of the children and families we serve, the Christmas season is a difficult reminder of separation and pain.

At Palmer Home, we have the opportunity to wrap our arms around them and share the good news of the Savior’s birth. While the entire year is filled with stable routines and nurturing caregivers, during the holidays we take extra steps to make sure each child feels peace and belonging in our care. Cottages and foster homes are decorated with Christmas lights and décor, presents are wrapped, and the aroma of wonderful treats fill the air. The children have the opportunity to experience Palmer Home’s favorite holiday customs, and we try to incorporate some of their favorite Christmas traditions as well.

Like most families, many of these treasured holiday traditions center around food, and we have found that these experiences – exploring new recipes, helping in the kitchen, and sharing a special meal together – have the power to heal the sense of longing Christmas can bring.

This strong tie between Christmas and food is one of the reasons we’re so excited to share a cookbook with our top donors every year. The recipes are cherished traditions from individuals and families dear to Palmer Home, including staff, children, donors and supporters. Below is a recipe from my family that I hope brings yours joy this year and in the years to come.

As you sit down to enjoy your holiday meals, we ask that you say a special prayer for us.


Pray for the child experiencing Christmas church service for the first time. Pray for the mom waking up in prison missing her child’s first Christmas. Pray for the caregivers staying up into the wee hours of the morning to make this Christmas special for each child in their care.


I hope this will be a way that your family and ours can come together this holiday season, reminding you of the children and families you’re impacting through your support.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas filled with heavenly peace,



P.S. Enjoy this holiday recipe from my own family’s collection. Download the recipe here.

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