Growing Hope through Crowdfunding

October 18, 2017

Palmer Home supporters show up in so many ways to help our children, but we constantly receive requests from friends wondering how they can do more.  Through crowdfunding, we are able to communicate a specific need, demonstrate exactly how it will benefit our children, and allow our amazing community to step up and meet that need.  This platform, aptly named “Grow Hope” is a way for friends of Palmer Home to interact with our mission in a new, exciting way.

Crowdfunding can be defined as a large number of people giving relatively small amounts of money to fund a cause, generally using social media to spread the word. It’s a concept we have recently embraced at Palmer Home for Children, as a way to share specific needs and allow our supporters to become the solution.

Palmer Home launched our very first crowdfunding project in September, in an effort to support the ambitions of children participating in our Hope Reins equestrian program.

“We have this absolutely gorgeous horse trailer,” says Hope Reins instructor Pam Cunningham, “but we need a truck that has the ability to pull 10 to 12 thousand pounds loaded into that trailer, and carry at least five people.”

What Cunningham is less likely to highlight is the fact that she has used her own personal truck up to this point, not willing to let the children miss out on any opportunity, even if it comes at her own expense. Each year she gives more experienced students the chance to compete in horse shows and attend big events such as the Rolex Three-Day Event in Kentucky.  Younger students are invited to trail rides at Lake Lowndes State Park- all made possible because of Pam Cunningham’s commitment to the children of Palmer Home.

The benefits of involving our children in an equestrian program are multifaceted, and Cunningham sees them show up in various ways.  She loves introducing a child to a horse for the first time and watching that child slowly develop a sense of trust, compassion, and confidence through continued interaction.

Our children are involved in every aspect of caring for the horses, whether feeding them, grooming them, cleaning out stalls, or even praying for the health of a sick horse at times.  The bonds between the horses and the children are strong.  Several children ask to come help out at the stables when they’ve finished their homework and cottage chores. “For them, it’s their happy place,” Cunningham shares with a smile.

Our Hope Reins crowdfunding project is scheduled to come to an end in a few weeks, but our goal has not yet been reached.  In order to help offset the cost of a gently used truck for our Hope Reins riders, we would like to raise $8,000.  It’s a big number, but we’re confident that friends like you can get us there!  Will you show your support of the Palmer Home Hope Reins riders by helping us reach our goal? Customized levels of support are available from $12 to $350!

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