Generations of Change

February 28, 2018

An education is one of the most valuable tools we have to offer the children who come to Palmer Home.  It has the power to create generations of change within families, taking a bleak past and changing it to a future full of hope and possibility.  For siblings Lindsay, Jessica, and Jake*, this exciting future is quickly becoming a reality, thanks to the influence of Palmer Home for Children.

When Lindsay and her younger siblings first came to our campus, their lives had been characterized by instability. They bounced from one location to the next with whatever possessions they managed to bring along between moves.

While Lindsay and her sister Jessica were smart and full of potential, they were bound by circumstances they could not control. Their brother Jake seemed helpless to dictate his own future, immersed in a community that encouraged him down all the wrong paths. High school graduation was barely a realistic goal, and college? That was out of the question.

But thanks to the support of individuals like you, everything has changed for these young people. 

Today, Lindsay is a kind, confident, accomplished young woman. She graduated from a prestigious college and now has a successful career as a nurse.

Jake and Jessica have followed in her footsteps pursuing a college education. Jessica is a freshman enrolled in the honors program at her college, studying business and music. Jake’s childhood dream of joining the military has become a reality—a vastly different story than anyone would have dared to hope for either of them just a few years ago.

And because we believe Palmer Home residents are part of our forever family, our relationship with these three hasn’t ended. We were there when Lindsay was searching for her first apartment with her first job in a new city. We were there with Jake when he decided to pursue service to our country, and we’ll be there when he goes to boot camp and when he receives his first assignment. We helped pack up moving boxes with Jessica as she transitioned from our campus to her new dorm room, and we’ll be here every time she wants to come home for the holidays. Family is never more than a phone call away.

Because of our incredible supporters, Lindsay, Jake, and Jessica have had access to an education that has changed their lives forever. They’ve been introduced to a faith in God that brings hope and peace. And they will pass these gifts on to their children, and to their children’s children. When you join the Palmer Home family by supporting the young people on our campuses, your influence reaches far beyond a single child—it spans generations.


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