About the Hope Grows Garden Program

The Hope Grows Garden sponsored by the Southeast Produce Council seeks to utilize the healing effects of gardening and horticulture therapy to promote healing. The garden includes a number of fruit bushes, flowers, and produce which provide opportunities to cultivate growth.

Hope Grows Here

Each child has a hand in choosing the produce they would like to care for as well as planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops that can then be used in the homes on our campus.

Gardening responsibilities include planting, weeding, and watering plants; harvesting fruits and vegetables when ripe; general upkeep of the garden area; and selling produce at the Hernando Farmer’s Market.

Horticultural therapy is an effective tool.

Horticultural therapy has been shown to increase social, educational, psychological, and physical well-being and can also help depression, anxiety, addiction, and survivors of abuse as well as children of all ability levels, including those on the autism spectrum.

Our Vision

Gardening appears to have therapeutic benefit for children by providing a relaxing, therapeutic environment, a decrease in symptoms of depression and aggressive or angry feelings, opportunities for problem solving and to work as a group or individually, enhancing self-image and a sense of self-worth, and creating a feeling of accomplishment.


Because of you, their future is bright.

From full-time positions to volunteer roles, your service can make a difference for children and families who urgently need help.

Get Involved

Sponsor the Hope Grows Garden

The Hope Grows Garden is made possible thanks to our generous sponsors. Purchase a naming opportunity to honor a loved one or promote your business. Quantities are limited and will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis, for a period of five years with first rights to renewal.