#FridayFeature: Director of Casework Family Care

November 20, 2014


You guessed it – it’s time for another #FridayFeature. We want to continue growing as a transparent organization and want you to know who is behind the ministry you serve and support with your time, prayers, and finances.

This week, we’re featuring Susan, Director of Palmer Home’s Family Care program.

Susan Moffitt

Role: Director of Family Care
From: North Carolina

How did you first hear about Palmer Home? Why did you decide to apply?

I’ve been a friend of Palmer Home since the early days of their former partner ministry Jonah’s Journey, what is today Family Care, and I’ve loved the ministry model of mentoring moms and keeping babies from going into state-funded care. When I saw a picture of LeAllison and Lisa posing in front of a historic house a few months ago, I knew something new was happening. I’d heard bits and pieces of the story, but then, late one night in the beginning of April, I got a text from Le and a call from Lisa. And that’s when the process of seeking the Lord’s will about joining Palmer Home began.

What is a typical workday like for you?

Honestly, my days never seem to look much like I plan them to. I always have lofty goals for getting several home studies written and completing treatment plans, but then a phone call takes me down another path, or a meeting turns into working on a completely different project or assignment, or I run into someone on my way to work that has always wanted to be a caregiver. So, although ultimately every day ends with a lot of written work to keep up with our responsibilities for licensure requirements, much of the day is spent responding to a presenting concern, either with the continual growth and development of Family Care as an agency or with a current or prospective placement.

What’s your favorite TV show?

Once Upon A Time… with popcorn and my three teenagers all within arm’s reach!

What inspires you?

Words. Classic Spurgeon devotions, a great lyric, powerful quotes, a new translation of  Scripture, a compelling speaker. I love to be able to linger long enough in whatever I’m reading or listening to in order to feel that connection with hope and purpose and momentum.

If you could splurge on one must-have item… what would it be?

A Carolina blue pick-up truck!

#FridayFeature is a series designed to share information about who is behind-the-scenes at Palmer Home For Children. Thank you for your support of these ministries. You are changing lives and we are eternally grateful.
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