The Corners of Your Field

March 8, 2016


In our communities, when people experience hard times or have a financial or physical need, they often turn to a local church for help. Our generous churches often have limited benevolent funds or restrictions on how those funds may be used.

Palmer Home Thrift Stores are now partnering with local churches to provide additional support for families in need through the Corners of Your Field program.

The program’s name is derived from Leviticus 23 when God instructed the Israelites not to harvest the crops at the edges of their fields. This “extra” was used to help feed orphans, widows, and strangers who had no way to feed themselves. Today, God still calls us to give of our excess to make a difference in our churches and communities.

Corners of Your Field offers a practical way to meet the Biblical mandate of caring for those in need by providing the resources to make a plan and see it through.

So how does it work? When you or other members of your church donate gently used items to our Palmer Thrift Stores, you will not only receive a receipt for your tax deduction, but your church will receive credit for every donation Palmer Home receives through its members.  Just be sure to let the store attendants know you’d like to participate!

At the end of the quarter, your church will receive a portion of that value back in the form of gift cards redeemable at the Starkville, MS or Columbus, MS thrift store. These gift cards can then be used however your church sees fit to better help those in need in your community.

If you would like more information about the Corners of Your Field program, or would like to get your church involved, contact our Palmer Home Thrift Store Regional Manager, Nathan Katona, via email at or by phone at 239.826.1686.

You can also help your church get involved by sending this story to your pastor, or by sharing it on social media. The Palmer Home Thrift Store wouldn’t exist without people like you who are willing to share from the corners of their fields.  Thank you for being a part of this fantastic ministry.  We hope you’ll embrace these exciting new developments with us so that, together, we can do even more.

Palmer Home Thrift Store attendants Re-Re, Quonna, and Tina at the Columbus location

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