How You Can Make Christmas Special

December 20, 2017

Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re so thankful for the many ways in which Palmer Home is blessed by the support of our great big extended Palmer Home family. During this season of giving, we often hear, “How can we help?” Fortunately, gifts for our children are generously donated by corporate sponsors, so the typical Christmas presents under the tree have already been supplied. However, there are still several ways you and your family or group can extend the spirit of giving to make a difference at Palmer Home!

Gift Cards

Cottages at Palmer Home usually serve as home to two house parents and up to 8-10 children. While this means there’s never a dull moment, it also means it can be hard to plan for something as simple as taking the whole cottage out to a restaurant for dinner. By donating gift cards to our cottages, you enable our house parents to load up a van full of kids and enjoy a family night out!  These become fun memories for our children and caregivers.
Pro tip: If you’re a part of a group, consider funding dinner, dessert, and an activity such as a movie theater or bowling for a whole cottage.

Respite Care

After a night out with 8 or 10 kids, it’s understandable for our house parents to need a night out alone! You can provide respite care for a cottage full of kids and give our house parents a much-needed date night. While our respite plan for caregivers offers time off for resting and recuperating, we know it’s a tremendous blessing when house parents can take an extra evening to enjoy each other’s company without a house full of children.
Pro tip: If you’re a group, consider planning games and activities for the children, and even consider purchasing a gift card to a local restaurant to treat house parents to dinner!


When you have a house full of growing children, it’s inevitable that furniture begins to experience a bit of wear and tear. Currently, a few of our cottages are looking to replace pieces that have been “loved well” by the children who use them each and every day. You could be a tremendous blessing to a cottage full of kids by furnishing their home with a new sofa and loveseat or new kitchen table with seating for 10+ individuals.
Pro tip: This is a great idea for a business looking to give back to their community this holiday season! It pairs well with gift cards to Lowe’s and Wal-Mart to help complete the new look.


During the holidays, many of our children spend extra time with their sponsor families, taking vacations, participating in Christmas traditions, and simply enjoying being together. However, not every child at Palmer Home has been matched with a sponsor family. If your family would like to invest in a child at Palmer Home in a more personal way during the holidays (and beyond!) consider becoming a sponsor. You can read more on what sponsorship means here.
Pro tip: Sponsorship is not for everyone, as it is a commitment and relationship that extends beyond just the holiday season. If you’re looking for a next-level investment in our mission, this is for you!

Any way you choose to be involved in the mission of Palmer Home is a blessing.  From praying and giving to respite care and sponsorship, there’s no wrong way to join the family. And don’t worry- these ideas aren’t limited to Christmas.  Your thoughtful contribution is meaningful all year round.

**If you plan to purchase any of the items described in this blog for our cottages, we’d love to hear from you!  Contact us with questions or comments, or to arrange for your donation. Thank you!

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