Become a Hero

July 28, 2017

In January, a CNBC article predicted superhero movies could break the box office this year. From Batman to Wolverine to Wonder Woman and a whole host of characters in between, our culture has become a bit superhero-obsessed.

We personally love the idea of being able to save the world from certain destruction. But the problem with superheroes is they move into save the day and then return to their normal lives, waiting on the next catastrophe to strike.

Real-life superheroes, however, don’t just show up for the major catastrophes in life; they’re around day in and day out. Palmer Home Heroes are made up of real, everyday heroes. The supporters who give consistently to provide the little things that make up the big things at Palmer Home for children—like care packages for new residents, dinners in our cottages and opportunities for extracurricular activities for our children.

We need your support for our big events. We love seeing you in person during Southern Soiree,  MudBug Bash, or Shotguns and Sunflowers. These events allow us opportunities to tell the Palmer Home story of Making Lives Whole while getting to know our supporters on a more personal level.

We also need your support in the everyday events like our evening meals where our cottages prepare food for up to ten people, seven days a week. These meals offer families an opportunity to talk about their day, offer encouragement, laugh together, and learn what family is all about. We also need your support for things like extracurricular activities for our children. With over one hundred children on our campuses, that’s a lot of uniforms and equipment to purchase.

While many heroes you see on TV are only part of the rescue, restoring the lives of children who have lived in difficult situations is just as important. Helping our children determine what they want their story to be and how they will tell it takes every bit as much work as rescuing them in the first place.

To help support these everyday events that are changing lives and changing stories, we’re launching Palmer Heroes, a special donation page for our supporters who want to be a contributor not just once a year, but every month. Your donation level is up to you, but we’ve made some suggestions to let you know what types of activities those funds could cover.

A little known benefit of becoming a Palmer Hero is you don’t even have to dress up to make the donation. You can do it right now from your computer or smartphone, no cape or superpowers required.

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