Where Hope Grows

For more than 125 years, Palmer Home has empowered children in critical situations to reach their true potential by providing restorative environments that support healthy development and nurture resilience.

Services We Provide


Children live on campus in a Christ-centered family atmosphere connected to trustworthy adults and supported as they grow and develop.

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Through our Foster Care program, children receive support and the connection of a family through Palmer Home’s certified foster families.

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Infants of mothers in prison receive nurturing care with the goal of reunification. Staff and caregivers also offer support for mothers in prison and after release.

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Young adults receive guidance and coaching designed to build educational, career and life skills needed for independence.

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Responding Quickly in Times of Need

We believe that familial bonds are vital for a child's wellbeing. That's why we're dedicated to keeping siblings together and responding quickly when children are in need of help, hope, and healing.

With a swift and compassionate response to children in need, Palmer Home provides a safe haven where they can heal, grow, and thrive. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that every child receives the love, care, and support they deserve, regardless of their circumstances.

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We rely entirely on your generosity. No donation is too small, and every gift makes a difference in the life of a child.

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Whole Child Initiative

Our proprietary approach to care provides a trauma informed, holistic, and relationally centered foundation and guides all that we do. We seek to help vulnerable children overcome trauma and position them to thrive in home, school and community life. Whole Child Initiative operates through four core principles:

Whole Story

Children’s needs are best understood and met in the context of their history and the impact it has on their life. Taking into account their full story allows us to respond appropriately.

Whole Child

Children with a history of trauma have unique physical, emotional, educational, social, and spiritual needs. Each of these must be addressed for healing to begin.

Whole Team

A collaborative team of caregivers, staff, community professionals, and the child’s family members come together to develop a trauma responsive plan of care.

Whole Caregiver

Healthy relationships with children require healthy caregivers. We equip our caregivers with regular training, relevant resources, respite and ongoing support.

Because of you, their future is bright.

From full-time positions to volunteer roles, your service can make a difference for children and families who urgently need help.

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Our Impact

Palmer Home's four service lines served more than 330 children last year, from newborns to young adults. Every story matters, and though we are grateful for the growth of our impact and the expansion of services, we remain mission driven to serve even more in the coming year.

Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center

The Dr. Hugh Francis, Jr. Wellness Center is a 25,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility that welcomes all to Palmer Home.

With classrooms, counseling suites, therapy rooms and recreational areas, the Wellness Center provides a space for hope and healing in accordance with our Whole Child Initiative.

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