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Sponsor: Sponsorship is a way to invest in the life of a young person at Palmer Home in a more consistent way. It’s a commitment we do not take lightly, as sponsor relationships have proven to be very rewarding in the lives of our children. Sponsorship involves investing in a child’s life by including the child in the family on a monthly basis; supporting and encouraging the child by attending ball games, recitals, awards days, etc.; and becoming an extended network of support for the child. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or sponsor family, fill out a sponsorship application here.



Foster a Child: Want to make the difference of a lifetime? Ready to move beyond sponsorship? Children who connect and become part of a permanent family enjoy a special kind of love that changes them forever. Often, children come to Palmer Home in residential care and begin their path forward on our campus, but eventually it is our hope to see them thrive and grow inside the home of a family ready to serve in this way. If you are interested in exploring this great option of fostering children, please contact Anna Brooke Warren, Director of Social Services at


Provide Respite Care: Another meaningful way to become involved at Palmer Home is to provide respite care on our campuses. Respite volunteers serve in a cottage for an evening or afternoon to provide a few hours “off duty” for our full-time house parents. This involves coming onto our campus and providing care for all of the children in a cottage, which gives house parents the opportunity to have some respite time to refuel and recharge. It’s a wonderful way to begin to establish relationships with our residents, but also an incredible way to serve our house parents who are on the front lines of making a difference at Palmer Home. To learn more about Respite Care, click here. To volunteer, fill out an application.

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