Miracles from Messes: Johnna’s Story

April 11, 2022

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Johnna’s Story

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to share the impact your support is making in the lives of children even the tiniest newborns and their families. In case you hadn’t yet seen, below is the story of Johnna, a mother that Palmer Home came alongside during her darkest hour to provide a safe and nurturing home for her newborn baby. Earlier this year, she shared her testimony at the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) summit. Her story impacted us, and we wanted to share it with you:


My name is Johnna and I wanted to share that I did not have an easy childhood. As a young adult, I abused drugs and got in trouble with the law. I found God and prayed to Him to help me turn my life around, and by His grace, He did. I became clean, stayed out of trouble and started down a new path.

But my past choices came back to haunt me, and I was arrested and sentenced to prison soon after I found out I was pregnant. I was devasted.

Being pregnant in prison is terrible. There’s no pink or blue, no baby showers, no celebrations. The larger my belly grew, the more panicked I became. Who was going to take care of my baby while I finished my sentence? What was going to happen to us? I continually cried out to God for help.

One day when I was at my lowest point, another inmate overheard my fears and told me about Palmer Home for Children. She said they provided families for babies born to mothers in prison until the mom was able to care for her child. God was answering my prayers.

As the weeks passed, I got to know Susan, the Palmer Home Family Care director, and the Fields, the family that would care for my baby. They were all so kind and understanding, I knew God hand-picked them for my baby.

By the grace of God, I delivered a healthy girl named Journey Faith. Having to return to my prison cell after 24 hours was heartbreaking, but knowing my baby girl was in the care of a loving family gave me strength. They brought her to see me every week, mailed me pictures and let us ‘talk’ over the phone. They made sure our bond was growing. Every encounter gave me hope for the day we’d be together again.

Fast forward to today: I’ve been released from prison and reunited with Journey for four-and-a-half years. Susan and the Fields are still part of our lives; we consider them an amazing extended family. Words can’t describe how grateful I am.

I tell everyone that when they support Palmer Home, they’re helping change lives like mine and Journey’s. Through Palmer Home, God took my mess and made it into a miracle! I can’t thank Him enough for answering my prayers.

– Johnna, Family Care Mom


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Please know that your support helps provide hope for more mothers and children like Johnna and Journey. Thank you for helping us extend the unconditional love of Jesus Christ through the mission of Palmer Home.

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