Dear Palmer Home

May 6, 2015

While those of us involved in the daily routine at Palmer Home understand the sacrifice, compassion, and love that is poured out daily in the hopes that we’re changing lives for the better… we don’t always get the opportunity to hear from a child’s biological family.

But recently, we received the following letter from a grandmother who placed four of her grandchildren with us many years ago. The words touched and inspired us. We’d like to give you the chance to see Palmer Home through the eyes of a loving grandmother who wanted the best for her grandchildren – and found what she was looking for at Palmer Home.


Dear Palmer Home,

My name is Mary. I have a special and abiding love for Palmer Home for Children.

Palmer Home saved the lives of my grandchildren.

About 9 years ago, my son went to prison and my ex-daughter-in-law was on drugs. Neither could or wanted to take care of their children. I was a single woman and the only other grandparent was dying of cancer.

A very close friend who lived in Starkville told me about Palmer Home. He put me in touch with the organization and a few weeks later, I learned the wonders of Palmer Home and their mission of loving and providing for children.

After much prayer and God’s infinite intervention, I brought the four children to Palmer Home. I had a very heavy heart leaving them… feeling as if I was abandoning them. But I soon realized I was giving them a life full of hope and compassion.

The children flourished at Palmer Home. They were greatly loved and shown the love of Jesus Christ. I’m still in contact with some of the caregivers.

I just want you to know that Palmer Home changed the lives of four lost childrenAnd it changed my life forever.

Palmer Home is truly a place of hope! Thank you again for being a beacon of light and hope to families in crisis and to children who need to feel the love of God.

Bless you,



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