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Residential Care

Children receive care through a residential model on one of Palmer Home for Children’s two campuses. Children on each campus are placed in a home, typically with seven other Palmer Home children, and a caregiver couple, who provide the daily guidance and love the children need.


Whole Child Initiative

Palmer Home staff use the Whole Child Initiative’s approach to caregiving. The initiative offers a comprehensive approach to working with children that recognizes and addresses the multi-dimensional aspects of their lives: physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual.

Each part is inseparable from the others. All parts are mutually influencing, and interlocking. No area is unimportant.

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Palmer School

When the time comes to go to school, many Palmer Home children just walk across the lawn to the on-campus Palmer School.

At the Palmer School, students use the nationally accepted, online A Beka curriculum, which allows students to work through different grade levels across subject areas — a necessity considering the diverse backgrounds of Palmer Home’s children. Palmer School hosts physical education periods and after-school horseback riding. Students are also in out-of-school extracurricular activities like athletic leagues and dance classes. The school has seen students with learning disabilities begin to excel, and even be accepted in to great colleges.

Hope Reins

Palmer Home’s Hope Reins therapeutic riding program encourages mental and physical development of individuals through equine-assisted activities, promoting the faith and love of Christ through horses. Horses can sense a person’s strengths and weaknesses, even disabilities that a person might have. Because of this sixth sense, horses are therapeutic by helping individuals overcome fears, build self-esteem, stimulate intellectual function, and inspire confidence.

From a physical standpoint, a riding program can increase mobility, posture, and balance. From a spiritual and emotional standpoint, the program helps to stimulate compassion in Palmer Home children, linking the bond with horses to the ever-present love of Christ.


At Palmer Home, children are given love and attention that gives them a sense of security and a new direction for their lives. More importantly, they are given the chance to know and be known by Jesus.

Bill and Gloria Gaither say it best with the words to their children’s song, “I Am a Promise” because of God’s love and His command to care for orphans. Each child is given new security, new direction, love, care, and the chance to come to know Christ as their personal savior at Palmer Home. As the song says so beautifully, they are a “great big bundle of potentiality.”

The hope and love they have been shown often spills over, and many of the children begin to look for ways to share the love of God with others. TrebleMakers was created as a way for the children of Palmer Home to tell what God has done for them while also learning about music.

As they grow and continue to learn that they do have new hope in having whole lives and that God loves them, many of the children begin to look for ways that they can share what God is doing in their lives. TrebleMakers was formed for the children of Palmer Home to learn more about music and to have a special way to share their testimonies.


The choir travels to many churches, civic, and community events throughout the year. Sponsors, donors, churches, community supporters, and many others have the opportunity to see firsthand the children that are being ministered to by  Palmer Home. Others who may not know about Palmer Home are given the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of Palmer Home and what they can do to help keep the ministry going.

Hope Grows

Palmer Home’s new Agricultural Literacy program is geared toward teaching principles of science, technology, engineering and math to our young people.  Working with our dedicated staff members, they plant, nurture, harvest, cook and eat their own crops, grown right here on our Columbus campus.  Surplus will be sold to the community. Each winter, Christmas poinsettias will be available for purchase from the Hope Grows nursery as well.

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Thrift Stores

Our thrift stores offer customers great values on new and used furniture, new and used clothing, and numerous other items. 100% of the profits are used for programs that benefit the children in our care.

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